I truly think that learning to forgive is my lesson to learn in 2014 as well as a true life long lesson. I have typically walked through life blind and I have missed most of my lessons but not this year. First and foremost, I have to forgive myself for my indiscretions of checking out and blaming so many things on others. I am currently learning to do this as well as forgiving my husband for his failures in life and to try and allow him to move forward to become a better person. I have to forgive my extended family and friends for leaving me when I was depressed and not very much fun to be around and I have to forgive them for not understanding infertility and how to help me. I have to forgive the doctors that missed my issues when there was still time to help me…. Big one to forgive. I have to forgive other women who suffer from primary infertility who think my secondary infertility is not that bad and I need to forgive myself for any lack of compassion that I have ever shown to anyone w/ infertility. I need to forgive the woman who said to me recently, “You are STILL trying to have a baby?” I need to forgive everyone to grow and move forward to become a better person.

Check out this song which sums it up for me. I can not figure out how to post it in my blog.


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