Another great OB/GYN has entered my life

I now know what if feels like to find a new love again as I found a new and caring OB/GYN. I so miss  my last OB/GYN who has been w/ me for the last 10 yrs but I needed fresh eyes to look at me instead of sad ones.   This new doctor is my age and she did not look down on my DE plans and I did not have to go into all my gory details but gave her a summary of my history.  She did my pap quickly and order  all the bloodwork and mammogram for RBA and we will schedule the sonohysterogram when I start my next cycle in about 2 1/2 wks.  Once we get all that done then I can go back to RBA and see if I am selected for their guarantee program.  I hope so..

I still need to get serious about losing weight as I saw those glaring numbers today on the scale.  I will go for a 2 mile walk tomorrow night as tonight I am plopping down on the sofa to watch me some Juan Pablo on “The Bachelor”. :):):)



3 thoughts on “Another great OB/GYN has entered my life

  1. ks

    LOL! Juan Pablo! I’m just going to sit down and finish watching it too! Lol! Start small with the walking and just build up. And keep telling yourself “You Can Do This!” And know every time you do it, it’s more than some people do, so be proud!

    1. jen14 Post author

      It was a good show last night. I felt so bad for the drunk girl who made a fool out of herself. I think Juan P. is an awesome man. The previews for the season look so so so juicy. I can’t wait. I pretty much do not miss a season. I walked one mile tonight while DD rode her bike. We left too late to do 2 miles and I was breathing very heavily. I hope it gets easier. I was in top physical condition in my 20s and good condtion in my 30s but now I really let myself go in my 40s. I want to lose 25 lbs. Thanks so much for the encouragement. We are going tomorrow night as well. :):):)

  2. Mrs.Mcirish

    Glad to hear you liked the new doctor. I had a new primary care doctor appt on Monday since I moved and needed to establish a new one. She was young but did not flinch at my 7 IVFs or DE usage.. It was nice. As for the weight, holy sh!t. I’m at the heaviest in my life. If this cycle is a bust, I HAVE to do something about it immediately. So depressing…


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