Good bye Lover

I am saying “lover” just like Carrie Bradshaw would say it when she would say “Hello Lover” to a new pair of shoes on the show “sex and the city”.  My lover was not shoes but wine for the past 2 yrs.  Mrs W (wine)  held my hand during a lot of turbulent times and now I am saying goodbye to her to move forward w/ TTC which includes losing weight and clean living.  I tried to quit in Dec but I had too many events w/ alcohol so I decided to do it this month.  I don’t really think I am a lush but I did use it more than I should have to relax and unwind and check out…

So they say always replace something you are giving up w/ something else so “Hello Mrs Y” (yoga).  I am already signed up for 14 classes in January starting this Saturday.  The one good thing about IF is that I learned to become a master planner on moving forward. The details of trying to figure out the next steps on how to find our next baby was so consuming and comforting after a failed cycle or miscarriage.

I am signed up for beginner yoga classes and classes for larger people.  Oh, yea… I have gained 25 lbs in my journey.  Yea so much fun..  I would like to lose the weight before our next cycle so that I can start fresh if I am lucky enough to become pregnant on that cycle..  I hope Mrs Y is good to me as I need a new friend….


3 thoughts on “Good bye Lover

  1. Mrs.Mcirish

    Uh oh, I didn’t give up wine… I thought I didn’t have to since its not my eggs? I laughed at “lover” from Sex in the City! I also failed to lose any weight before this cycle… Ugh…

  2. jen14 Post author

    Love me some Carrie B, You probably don’t have to give up wine for DE but my body will not shed the pounds w/ wine consumption. I am always amazed when skinny women can drink a lot of wine like those crazy housewives of Beverly hills. I hate them. :):):)

    1. Mrs.Mcirish

      I also love me some Real Housewives… If this cycle is successful I’ll be using the “I’m doing a diet where they don’t let you drink alcohol” lie to DH’s family at a bday party next month. Yup, can’t lose weight with wine consumption!


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